Logistics Hiring Soars, Trump Targets Amazon, U.S. Seeks Brake on Auto Imports

U.S. coal exporters may get another boost to their business because of problems Down Under. Fears of disruptions to Australia’s mammoth steel-making coal export operations have halted a slide in seaborne coal prices, the WSJ’s Rhiannon Hoyle reports, and may spark extra demand for more American shipments at a time when producers of many other commodities face rising trade tensions. A cyclone recently interrupted shipments and pushed up the price of coking coal. And now Australian rail operator Aurizon Holdings Ltd. is threatening to slash capacity on the country’s largest coal-export rail network after a regulatory decision to cap shipping prices. U.S. coal shipments, which have grown to account for some 16% of the global export market, had been tipped to fall in 2018 as Australian exports recovered. But Macquarie analysts now say cuts to Aurizon rail routes could push U.S. exports up to some 60 million tons, their highest in about six years.

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