3PL E-commerce Supply Chain Management

3PL E-commerce Supply Chain ManagementValley Distributing & Storage is a 3PL partner that can assist you in optimizing your supply chain and providing customized solutions for e-commerce business needs. E-commerce retailers are increasingly relying on 3PLs to help manage supply chain operations. Our tailored 3PL e-commerce supply chain management services can improve logistics operations for businesses large and small.


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Benefits of 3PL E-commerce Supply Chain Management

  • Supply chain management – Optimized services from inventory management through delivery to customers.
  • Warehousing – Use of 3PL expertise allows for focus on your core strengths
  • E-commerce order fulfillment – Direct-to-consumer fulfillment, focusing on efficient distribution of product to end user with attention to accuracy and timeliness.
  • Cost effective – Enables an e-commerce business to cut down on the expenses of a storage facility for excess inventory, as well as staff for fulfillment.
  • It is more convenient for consumers.
  • Increase accessibility to products.

We realize the customer satisfaction is critical to your success. Valley Distributing & Storage is committed to exceeding your customers’ expectations in representing your brand.

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