Warehouse Services

Valley proudly provides a full menu of logistics services including value-added services.  Some of our warehousing capabilities include Cross Docking, Transloading, Packaging, Pick & Pack Services, Food Grade and FDA Registered Facilities. Our experienced team delivers results.  We understand customers’ needs and are proud of our flexibility and innovation – if something you need is not listed here, contact us.  Don’t settle for one-size-fits-all logistics services, we will customize our approach that best fits YOUR needs.  

Cross Docking

Our Cross Docking service creates a direct flow of materials from the receiving function straight to the shipping function, eliminating any additional steps in between. This provides you with increased fill rates, reduced warehouse costs, and shorter lead times. We have the systems, facilities, and experience to meet your cross docking needs.

Cross Docking allows you to ship bulk materials by truckload or railcar to a destination that is closer to your customer base while having the proper storage space, equipment, and materials required for special order fulfillment.


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Whether rail-to-truck, truck-to-rail, or inbound to manufacturing, Valley has the experience and infrastructure to handle your transloading needs. Our facilities are equipped with indoor and outdoor rail service and we have experience loading and unloading boxcars, flatcars, center beam cars, tanker cars, vans, and flatbeds. And we can provide you with a single, bundled rate to include handling and outbound transportation. Transloading made simple.


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Since the 1970′s, Valley Distributing & Storage Company has been providing packaging services from bundle packing club store paper products to building variety packs of seasonal beer. Our packaging expertise allows for efficient handling of high volume, fast turn, seasonal and promotional products. Our innovative workforce and technology provide a full range of logistics services to optimize any part of your supply chain.



Pick & Pack

Pick & pack is a common service in the supply chain management process. During this process, the products are picked from their storage area, carefully packaged and then shipped to the company or consumer. What separates us from other warehouses is our experienced team. We can guarantee a fast turnaround time and even provide same day shipping. Pick & pack is beneficial to both small and large companies. Taking advantage of this service is efficient and time-saving for your company and far more affordable than purchasing your own warehouse.


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