eCommerce Fulfillment

Did you know, one of Valley’s most popular service is eCommerce Fulfillment?

With online shopping becoming more popular, eCommerce fulfillment is a must. Our eCommerce fulfillment services include receiving orders, inventory storage and management, pick-pack services, shipping and return processing.

Our warehouse management system, Websynapse, allows you to have real-time information at the tips of your fingers. With company control and visibility of your inventory 24/7, you have the option to enter orders, cancel orders, have more flexibility, real-time status updates and access to your order history. Here at Valley, we work with many major online retailers. We proudly provide storage space and fulfillment services for a wide variety of eCommerce providers such as consumer goods, industrial goods, paper/forest products, food and beverage and more.

Valley Distributing & Storage Company is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Our facilities are within one day’s travel of major metropolitan areas and only two hours from Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey. Our shipment services include direct shipment, drop shipment, store shipment, DC shipment and more!

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