4 Fascinating Freight Facts

This Article originally appeared in Logistics Brief on January 2, 2020.

The fright industry is a key component to the success of modern commerce. After all, almost everything we use or consume is part of or passes through a logistics chain in one way or another. Check out these fascinating freight facts that perhaps you never knew.

Freight Fact #4: Trucks are King

According to the American Trucking Association, “trucks move roughly 71.4% of the nation’s freight by weight.” You’ve probably been struck behind a freight trailer once or twice on the highways, but it’s for a good reason. It’s because those trucks are transporting the majority of moving cargo in the U.S. and servicing the needs of businesses and consumers.

Freight Fact #3: Sea to Shining Sea

The IMO (International Maritime Organization) reports that “over 90% of the world’s trade is carried by sea.” When you think about it, this might actually be one of the lesser surprising freight facts. The sea trade has been going on for centuries. Although digital commerce has connected us to conduct business like never before, cargo from one side of the world sill has to reach its destination on the other side. Shipping by sea continues to be a powerhouse in the freight and logistics industry.

Freight Fact #2: Business to Business

The majority of trucking companies in America are small businesses. Sure, you have your popular, giant, multi-million-dollar carriers out on the highways. But most carriers and trucking companies aren’t nearly as large in scale. There are carriers that might operate with a smaller fleet or a smaller scale but could offer better lanes and rates for your supply chain to utilize. And your small business can partner with another small business through the use of third-party shipping solutions provider, such as FrieghtCenter. Many 3PLs are small businesses, so they understand the needs of the small business shippers better than large carriers.

Freight Fact #1: A Match Made in Heaven

The shippers have spoken! According to the 2019 Third-Party Logistics Study: State of Logistics Outsourcing Report by Penske, Penn State, Infosys and Korn Ferry, 89% of shippers believe partnering with a third-part logistics company (3PL) has “contributed to improving services for the ultimate customer.” 3PLs create meaningful partnerships among carriers and shippers everywhere and put the human touch in a commerce culture heavily digitalized.

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