The Hidden Value of North Eastern Pennsylvania



First and foremost, our positioning is perfect to reach huge markets of the North East; with us you get same day delivery to over 60% of the U.S population and just two hours from New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia. This location avoids much of the congestion of the I-95 corridor.  There is no other location that combines market access, low price and short distances like Valley Distributing does in NEPA.  


High value is great – but only at the right price.  We understand that at Valley, and we are able to offer unique savings to our customers due to our location.  As doing business on the East Coast continues to become more and more expensive, you need to start looking at alternatives!  The labor situation in particular allows for competitively priced operations. (Source: Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Energy Center for Workforce Information Analysis.)

And perhaps most importantly, the North East is an underestimated area for growth.  After the recession, the east coast was among the slowest to begin recovering.  In 2015 and beyond however, the economy is finally starting to heat up fast – let Valley be your logistics arm in the region.


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