Owner & Founder John Passan Creates School of Nursing


Yesterday, Wilkes University held a dedication naming the new Passan School of Nursing at Wilkes University.  Mr. Passan’s donation of $3.3 million was the largest in the 80 year history of the school.  Speakers included Dean of Nursing Deborah Zbegner, Wilkes’ President Patrick Leahy, and Monsignor Joseph Rauscher.

Mr. Passan gave a speach where he spoke of his late brother, a former professor of toxicology at Hershey Medical Center, who advised him to donate to medicine and medical research to a difference in the lives of many.  “My wife and I have a deep respect for health care professionals and especially nurses,” Passan said. “It is very exciting for us to know the possibilities the Passan School of Nursing will bring to Wilkes University nurses and the health of this community and beyond.”  In an emotional moment, he said he felt overwhelmed by the presence of so many of the nurses, and that he “loved them all.”

The donation will be used to fund the creation of the separate school for the nurses of Wilkes and to set up an endowment to continuously fund improvements in school equipment, programs and offerings.






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