Warehouse Workers Becoming More Scarce

Recently, an important article to our industry appeared in the Wall Street Journal titled “Online Retailers’ New Warehouses Heat Up Local Job Markets” by Jennifer Smith.  Retailers and logistics companies have been opening warehouses at a record pace to ensure online orders reach customers as quickly as possible.  But with unemployment hitting a 10 year low, competition for hiring warehouse workers is becoming more acute than ever.

Average warehouse worker wages are rose 6% over the past year, more than double that of other wages.  Not only that, but the hiring pinch is unevenly distributed, with data suggesting that wages warehouse associates located in Central PA are among the highest of those surveyed nationwide.  E-commerce fulfillment and its associated labor requirements are part of the phenomenon, as the logistics landscape sees massive technological adjustments being made every year.





See more at the Wall Street Journal:  https://www.wsj.com/articles/online-retailers-new-warehouses-heat-up-local-job-markets-1491739203

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