Bill Belichick’s 5 Rules of Exceptional Leadership

“Ask Bill Belichick if he’s one of the winningest coaches in NFL history because he’s a football genius, and he makes a face that’s familiar to anyone who has ever seen him annoyed. Which is, basically, everyone.

Roughly translated, the face says, “You’re killing me here.”

But then, after a sigh, because, after all, he’s agreed to talk about his life and career in a wide-ranging interview with CNBC, Belichick offers: “I think I know a little about coaching. I think I know a little about leadership.”

You think?

Love the Patriots or hate them, Belichick’s 209-78 record for New England says it all. Football teams do not lead themselves, and they certainly do not lead themselves to five Super Bowl victories.

So, according to Belichick, what exactly is the “little” he knows about leadership? His answer, it turns out, could fill a book, but here are the top five principles that emerged over nearly two hours of conversation.”


“1. Leadership means building a team that’s exhaustively prepared, but able to adjust in an instant

2. Leadership means having the discipline to deploy your “dependables”

3. Leadership means being the boss

4. Leadership means caring about everything going on in the lives of your people

5. Leadership means never resting on your laurels”

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