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Contract Warehousing in NEPA

Here at Valley, we provide contract warehousing services for some of the largest, most trusted companies in the world. We are confident that our warehouse facilities will keep your products flowing smoothly through the supply chain while lowering distribution costs. No matter the size of your company, there are many benefits from using a contract warehouse. These benefits include developing a trusted partnership, guaranteed space and better efficiency of operations.


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A Trusted Partnership

When a company uses a contract warehouse, we are able to develop a long-term, trusted partnership. You can trust that we will keep your goods flowing to and from storage on time. Our experienced team handles the receiving, storage, and shipping of your goods. We understand that every company has different needs and work with you directly to make sure your specific needs are being met. We provide a full-service menu that best fits your company. Some of our services include pick & pack, packaging, palletizing, cross-docking, transloading, e-commerce fulfillment and more.

Space is Guaranteed

By using a contract warehouse, your square footage is guaranteed.  Your contract protects your space for a specific amount of time. Whether it is for one year or 10 years, this space is only occupied by your company.

Better Efficiency of Operations

Warehousing is only one part of your entire business operation, but for Valley, warehousing is our main focus. Using a contract warehouse can significantly lower your companies stress and warehouse annoyances and allow you to focus on your other needs.


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